1. Where do your oysters come from?
  2. We source only AA-AAA+ Akoya Oysters directly from South East Asia.
  3. What does cultured mean?
  4. Cultured is farmed, the ancient process of pearls developing has become extremely rare.  Due to this, the oysters that do not produce a pearl are then used to insert a irritant into a live oyster. Instead of the oyster getting its irritant naturally, farmers insert the irritant which then causes the oyster to protect itself by layering nacre around the irritant making it a pearl.
  5. Are the pearls real?
  6. Yes of course. All of our oysters are cultured and a real pearl is developed.  Natural colours which are developed by the mother of pearl oyster shell.  However there are pearls that have a dye inserted at the time of the irritant being inserted.  This gives the bright reds, blues and greens and we now offer these pearls.
  7. Are the oysters edible?
  8. No they are not for eating as they are soaked in alcohol, fumigated with formaldehyde, then treated with gamma radiation upon arrival at Australian Customs.
  9. Are the oysters alive?
  10. No they are harvested around age seven once they have died.
  11. Is the jewellery sterling silver?
  12. All our pendants, earrings, set jewellery and rings are 925 sterling silver.  Our complimentary chains are Jewellery Grade 316 Stainless Steel.
  13. How do I take care of my new treasure?
  14. With your delivery you will receive a special note instructing you how to take care of your new pearl. If you need any additional information please contact us.
  15. How do I host a live opening?
  16. Contact us and we will book you in.
  17. I want something you don’t have in your shop can you help?
  18. Sure just contact us with a photo and we will endeavour to source the item for you.
  19. Do you have warranty on set jewellery?
  20. Yes Outback Pearl Girls 90 day warranty begins from the time you receive your item. We understand that sometimes strange things happen and again we want to make your entire experience with us as pleasurable as it possibly can be. So if you lose a pearl in your first ninety days, we will very happily shuck another oyster for you. We can not  guarantee you will receive the same colour as the one you lost.
  21. How long will it take to receive my new products?
  22. We send with Express through Australia Post $10.75, delivery times can be between 3-14 days depending on your area.  We will provide you with tracking number upon request through facebook message. If you have created an account on website, you can find your tracking details.
  23. I have supplied the wrong shipping information on order form.
  24. Message our Facebook page immediately, or if you created an account you can log in and edit information. We ship to addresses that are supplied and we have not the time to contact each individual that is missing info. If wrong address is supplied and parcel is posted – your parcel will eventually come back to us and we will have to re-ship.
  25. Do you ship international?
  26. Yes. Shipping to most countries.
  27. Where are you located?
  28. We are based in Darlington Point New South Wales Australia.